Baby Bottle: Glass or Plastic?

Baby bottle glass or plastic? Which one should you choose? I’ll share some tips on glass baby bottles vs plastic. Read on to find out more to help and see is glass baby bottles are better than plastic.

Hmm, baby bottle glass or plastic? If you’re asking this question, I was right there with you a few years back. I tried plastic right from the get-go, and actually, by accident switched to glass baby bottles.

Here’s why.

We were up north on vacation and for some reason, we needed another bottle. I can’t really remember why; I just know we needed a bottle, one of ours was broken or the cap broke or other and we ran to the local store and bought one bottle of whatever they had. Andrew found a cool glass bottle and thought, why not? So we gave it a try.

When I started using the glass bottle, man, was I impressed!

Sterilizing it was so much easier and the glass felt like it came out so much cleaner for some reason.

At home, we have hard water (and we use salt to soften it, but it still can sometimes be harder than most) and getting it to be super, duper shiny and clean was always a challenge with plastic bottles.

And I always felt like washing plastic over, and over, and over again was degrading the bottle itself, which freaked me out. BPA? Plastic pieces? Scratching?

Anyway, that cheap-o glass bottle I bought from an up-north grocery store one day changed it for me. And since then, we’ve only used glass baby bottles.

So, if you’re wondering about baby bottles glass or plastic, my answer is… glass! It’s heavier, sure, but it cleans up nicer and has a great feel to it.

It is a little heavier for babies, but honestly, you’re holding the bottle, not them… so, what does it matter?

Some companies now sell glass baby bottles with silicone sleeve to fit over it, I suppose so it is softer and perhaps the bottle doesn’t get as hot (I know baby bottles glass vs plastic is up for debate on temperature, but I just use caution as with all things).

Here are a few frequently asked questions about baby bottles glass vs plastic.

Is glass baby bottle better than plastic?

Some may argue yes, a glass baby bottle is better than plastic, but I’m not a scientist. Some argue that certain plastics contain BPA. The more I research, though, the more I realize that most plastic baby bottles now have done away with BPA, which is a great thing.

When you’re wondering if one thing is better than another thing — especially when it comes to baby stuff — the general rule of thumb (besides safety, of course) is what works better FOR YOU?

For us, baby bottles glass or plastic comes down to:

▻ Glass is nicer and easier to clean, a real plus for hard water

▻ I’m not worried about plastic heating and cooling, scraping when washing it, degrading plastic, and going from hot to cold and hot again with plastics (again, I’m not a scientist)

▻ I like the way glass feels better than plastic, thick and sturdy!

Some people may be concerned about how the glass bottle fits in a breast pump. The good news is, most of the brands that offer glass baby bottles or plastic (most offer both!) have created the bottles to fit in your breast pump. Is it heavier than plastic to pump? Sure it is. But to me, this was not a problem.

Possible Cons

There are always pros AND cons to everything, so here are a few potential cons when deciding on glass baby bottles or plastic.

Price Price-wise, glass baby bottles cost slightly more than plastic, but to me it’s no deal-breaker.

Breakage I suppose you could drop a glass baby bottle and it could shatter. But I never personally dropped one, and if you get glass baby bottles with silicone sleeve then you really won’t have to worry.

Those suckers practically bounce right back! Just kidding. But they’ll mitigate the fall a bit if it does happen. And you really (truly!) only need one sleeve, so don’t go nuts here. I don’t even really use the sleeve all the time, tbh.

If you want to know the honest truth, I think a lot of moms use the glass baby bottles with silicone sleeve on it purely for looks. It looks cute, feels soft, and fits. Okay, okay, but you also don’t need one to actually use the bottle. If you like the way it looks and feels, though, and I do, you can get it here for around 6 bucks and you only will ever (ever!) use just ONE.

Weight Glass is a bit heavier for obvious reasons, and that might add a little more weight to your diaper bag. Truthfully, you’re already lugging around half of everything you own in that thing anyway, what’s a little more weight?

So, are glass baby bottles better? I say yes, but it’s a personal decision. I think personally the pros outweigh the cons and I’m clearly a glass baby bottle fan.

Can glass baby bottles fit in a bottle warmer?

Yes, depending on the kind you buy. Most brands now are making bottle warmers compatible with glass or plastic baby bottles in their same line, like this one from Avent as an example. It fits all glass baby bottles or plastic within their collection. Check it out here.

buy here

If you’re thinking of making the switch to glass baby bottles vs plastic, here are some suggestions on what kind to get based on what I’ve used myself.

We’ve tried two different kinds of glass baby bottles vs plastic, both brands actually, and they’re winners in our book even if you choose the plastic version.

But our favorite — the best glass baby bottles on the market, IMO — are these baby bottles glass style from Avent.

Glass Baby Bottles Avent

The best glass baby bottles Avent offers are called Natural and come in this convenient pack here.

This is a great set for new moms deciding between glass baby bottles vs plastic.

The pack includes:

• 3 glass baby bottles in 4oz/125ml size
• 3 newborn bottle nipples
• 2 glass baby bottles in 9oz/260ml bottles
• 2 natural flow bottle nipples (the next size/flow up)
• glass bottle silicone sleeve to protect and insulate
• 2 baby silicone pacifiers for 0-3m age

You can buy this awesome set here. I rate this the best glass baby bottles for newborns, imo. This is the one I used first, and really, it simply fit all of our needs.

We like how it came with three bottles for the early weeks in small sizes and with newborn sized nipples that worked great for a slower flow; when we upgraded to the 9oz sizes, we had just enough bottles. I think we did end up buying one more glass baby bottle to have in rotation (you can buy them individually here for around $10 each), but that’s really all the glass baby bottles you will need.

NOTE: If you read the reviews, here’s some caution: some complained about leakage of these baby bottles. I’ve never had trouble with the glass baby bottles leaking WHEN I put them together correctly. If you over tighten the baby bottles or under-tighten them on the tops, they could leak; you simply need to put the pieces in proper order each time to prevent leaks.

This is the same with any baby bottle on the market, whether you’re buying baby bottles glass or plastic.

Many people agree there are no leaks, but some of those reviews there seem misleading to me (so I’m just putting it out there that I personally have tried these and haven’t had leaks, and I’m not being paid to say that! Ha! I bought these myself and used them like any mama would!)

If you’re making the switch to glass baby bottles vs plastic, you won’t need the newborn size or the newborn nipples, or the pacifiers. Instead, get yourself this four pack of glass baby bottles in the 8oz size here, right off the bat, under $10 per bottle. These will last you the entire time of bottle feeding with proper cleaning and sanitizing.

buy here

Glass Baby Bottles Tommee Tippee

I have personally tried the glass baby bottles that Tommee Tippee makes, purely out of curiousity when I was also using a plastic baby bottle by them for one of my sons and then wanted to switch to glass. I thought it would matter if I changed the bottle style on him, so I went with the very same kind but in a glass baby bottle vs plastic. This bottle was great to use, too, so if you’re a Tommee Tippee fan, give these a try.

At the time, I didn’t need the newborn size as he was into the 9 oz bottles already, so I bought this three-pack of glass baby bottles that don’t leak and provided nipples with less air, which caused less spit-up.

The neat thing about these glass baby bottles? These are what we call the glass baby bottles mason jar style: these are glass baby bottles with lids to seal food.

When your baby is ready to eat purees, your glass baby bottles become mini mason jars for feeding. Brilliant!

buy here

These are great spoons to accompany them:

Glass Baby Bottles Dr Browns

Some people swear by Dr. Brown’s baby bottles, so I’m including their glass baby bottles here, too. I’ve never tried them myself but they look great based on reviews and information here. These are the glass baby bottles with vent that you often hear about, great for anti-colic.

If you’re already a Dr. Brown’s bottle user and you’re making the switch to glass baby bottles vs plastic, these are a great way to transition for your baby. You can buy them here.

buy here

They’re highly-rated by parents that use them.

Glass Baby Bottles with Handles

If you’re looking for glass baby bottles with handles, you’ll find they’re sold as an accessory. You won’t need them for a while if you have a newborn, but when the time comes, you can get glass baby bottle handle attachments here.

Simply click here and find the bottle handles that fit with the brand you purchased.

For me, these glass baby bottles with handles are compatible with the Avent line.


Are glass baby bottles better than plastic? Yes, but it’s up to personal preference. I say yes! I love using glass baby bottles.

To buy glass baby bottles that are highly-rated, try:

Tommee Tippee
Dr Brown’s

Going on a Target run? You can also shop glass baby bottles at Target here at great prices.

Or browse these options when choosing glass baby bottles vs plastic.

Hope it helps!


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