23 of the Best Harry Potter Baby Gifts for Fans

Want to give Harry Potter baby gifts inspired by the series?

Make your fellow muggles happy with these adorably wizard-inspired gift ideas for a Harry Potter baby shower or as a special surprise gift for a mama-to-be.

And if you’re a superfan yourself, get ready to “add to cart”! These are all incredibly cute fan-approved Harry Potter baby shower gift ideas.

Harry Potter Baby Gift Ideas

1. This Harry Potter baby blanket

This is the cutest thing. And it is by one of my fave baby brands, Aden + Anais. This blanket is super-duper soft and washes up great. Available here.

buy here

2. Swaddle Blankets

These wizard-inspired blankets are perfect for receiving blankets, snuggling, or swaddling. I love the length of them for stroller rides, too. By Aden + Anais.

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Also loving this single blanket from the same store, inspired by and named, “Sith Dot”. See it here.

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3. Harry Potter Hogwarts Bib

Have you ever tried this gigantic bib? It’s awesome. It catches milk dribbles, spittle, and even the occasional drool. Plus, unlike other bibs of its kind, it’s extremely soft, washes great, and looks cute. A simple snap closure makes it easy to attach but won’t come undone easily. These bibs make extremely cute Harry Potter baby gifts. I love the Hogwarts inspired print! By Aden and Anais.

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4. Milestone Blanket for Little Muggles

Keep track of your babe’s milestones and months with this cute photo prop blanket! It is inspired by all of your fave wizardly finds. By Picter.

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Also loving this one, it will make your little baby wizard the center focus! By Eunikroko Store.

5. Harry Potter Baby Book

Keep a record of baby’s first steps, words, and so much more in this baby album. It records all of your favorite moments from birth to age 5. And most of all, it is one of the most useful Harry Potter baby gifts that will become a lasting keepsake. By CON*QUEST Store.

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6. Owl Plush

An owl plush is always one of the best Harry Potter baby gifts. Always. This is one I love with a snowy owl style by Douglas.

by douglas

Also love this one by Aurora Store.

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Want an owl plush that also soothes baby? Sure thing! This one is adorable. By BubziCoStore.

7. Adorable Striped Baby Outfit

Take home your baby in one of my favorite baby gifts for Harry Potter fans: a one-piece bodysuit, pull on pants, and matching striped cap. Adorable! By HarryPotter.

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And this cute set is another favorite! By Molyhua.

by molyhua

Loving this set for a “wizard in training” by HarryPotter:

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And this set by WarnerBros:

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8. Snacking Cups

This adorable tower of snacking cups is perfect for your favorite Harry Potter fans and will come in handy when baby gets bigger. It can fit a bunch of snacks inside and is great for travel or for tossing in the diaper bag. By Whiskware Store.

9. Hogwarts Jammies

Pajamas like these make the best Harry Potter gifts! By HarryPotter.

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For babies, these one-piece pajamas are a perfect option! By HarryPotter.

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10. Wizard Inspired Tag Toy

This baby toy features wizard inspired prints and adorable tags. By BabyJack&Co.

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11. Wearable Harry Potter blanket

Do you have a wearable blanket yet? Okay, now do you have one of the best Harry Potter baby gifts around? If you have the wearable blanket, then yes, yes you do. It’s cute, cozy, and super sweet, washes great, and keeps baby covered in a blanket all night long, but it’s a wearable gown so you don’t have to worry about it being loose in the crib. Great idea! Another cute find by Aden+Anais.

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12. Harry Potter Baby Hat and Booties

Treat your favorite little muggle to a cute beanie and a pair of booties from the store at Harry Potter here.

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13. You Are So Loved Bodysuit

By BeeGeesTeesStore.

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And this one, too: “accio, Mommy”. Awwww! This is one of the best Harry Potter baby shower gifts. From the same shop.

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14. Harry Potter Toy Trunk

A cute trunk to stow toys away. By HarryPotter.

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15. Wizard Fleece Baby Blanket

So, so snuggly! By Jay Franco.

buy jayfranco

16. Rubber Ducky

Every baby needs a rubber ducky! This wizard inspired one makes a great baby gift for fans of Harry Potter. By CelebriDucksStore.

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17. Harry Potter Wet Bags

This is one of the most useful Harry Potter baby gifts: cute reusable wet bags you’ll love to have in your diaper bag, the car, etc. These are great for putting in a dirty, wet, or damp outfit; zip it, call it a day. Later, you can wash it from the bag and then wash the bags themselves. Take it from a mom who knows — a wet bag is a MUST-HAVE baby gift. By Bumkins.

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18. Qudditch Pitch Game

For when baby gets a bit older! What a cute playset. By HarryPotter.

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19. Owl Bank

This Hedwig the Owl Bank by HarryPotter will become an instant keepsake.

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20. Dinnerware Set

A cute plate and mug set for your fave little wizard-in-training. By ZakDesignsStore.

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It goes great with this soup pot and spoon for toddlers and up! From the Harry Potter store.

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21. Harry Potter Nightlight

A cute nightlight for baby’s room! Get it here.

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22. Car Decal

Baby muggle on board! Cute decal for your car by StickerPR.

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And last but not least…

23. Harry Potter Baby Bibs

Get them at the Harry Potter store.

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Where do you put Harry Potter baby gifts? Inside an adorable themed gift bag, of course! This is by Hallmark.

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