7 Things That Are Impossible To Do When Pregnant

I can’t complain too much about pregnancy, tbh. I handle it pretty well, luckily without having much nausea or discomfort. I pretty much feel the exact same as usual, but with a lot more cargo. 🙂 And with more aches and pains, but any amount of discomfort is totally worth it in the end when you get to meet your babe!

There are seven things I noticed that seem impossible to do when pregnant. These are lighthearted and honest, things I just noticed the other day and thought, oh yeah, that’s changed!

Let’s get to it!

Funny Things You Can’t Do Anymore When Pregnant

1. Putting on Boots with Laces

I cannot. do. this. anymore. I adore my brown and black boots with laces, but I simply cannot even bother to put them on anymore. I wear these everywhere instead. 🙂

I knew it was past the expiration date (well, it is spring now anyway, so my boots should be put away) when the boys asked me if they could take them off for me. Isn’t that sweet? I was sitting in the rocking chair way too long after we got home from somewhere and I still had my boots on.

Finally, my 6-y-o said, “Hey mom, we can help you take off your boots if you want.” I definitely took them up on that!

2. Eating Anything Without Getting Heartburn

Yeah, I’m pretty much feeling acid reflux coming up ALL THE TIME. Some people swear by these, but I’ve never taken them. Taking one for the team, I say! But this heartburn thing isn’t new, as I always get heartburn when pregnant.

My sister-in-law has a theory that the more heartburn you have, the more hair the baby will have when born. At this rate, the kid will have a head full of hair like an 80’s rocker. I’m picturing a head full of locks like David Lee Roth of Van Halen. I don’t think Andrew would mind, as Van Halen is one of his favorite classic bands.

3. Sitting at a Booth in a Restaurant

I did it, but man was it uncomfortable. CAN SOMEONE MAKE THEM BIGGER? Just kidding, it’s me and my belly, I know.

4. Going Grocery Shopping Without Getting Completely Exhausted

I love grocery shopping but it takes me 10x longer than usual and when I get home, I need to lie down and let someone else put away the stuff. Okay, maybe that is just because I don’t feel like putting away the stuff. But I do need to sit down and then at night I feel like I ran a few miles, but nope, just shopping.

And then who wants to cook afterward? Not me!

5. NOT Shopping Baby Stuff Online

Baby stuff is the cutest. I started looking at nursery finds, baby gowns, even diapers ince day one, just here and there.

Now, NOT shopping online is nearly impossible to do when pregnant! Ha! Luckily, I usually just add to cart, think about it, and realize I don’t really need it. But then there are the things that we do need and I add them and research the heck out of them. Then purchase. And wait for the delivery person to arrive. 🙂

My latest buy? Glass baby bottles! I love glass vs. plastic bottles; I switched one day with our oldest and never went back. There’s nothing quite like them.

buy here

Also obsessing over knotted baby gowns of any kind. And these baby hats. I don’t know why, they are just so adorable to me.

buy here

6. Making a Bunk Bed

I used to be able to climb up and bend down to make the top and bottom bunks of the kids’ beds. Now, that is impossible to do when pregnant.

It’s no big deal, just something I noticed. I cannot quite make the climb, pull the covers, tuck it in.

I love making their bed all nice though as a surprise when the boys come to bed: I make it look all nice, comfy, cozy, just short of adding a mint on the pillow — so that is one silly thing I cannot wait to do again someday.

Really, making any bed is a hassle.

7. Doing Laundry

Just kidding. Laundry is totally doable, but I put it off longer than I used to. And putting away? Forget about it!

8. Relaxing on the Couch

This is a funny one that started just a few weeks ago. I don’t know if it’s a form of Restless Leg, but it’s definitely annoying. I cannot get comfortable on the couch. I keep having to move around and cannot get comfortable. That’s tough because that is when we watch our shows so I just make it as long as possible and then go to bed.

But that’s about it! Honestly, being pregnant is fun to me and awaiting our babe is the best part. I am excited to meet him!

What are the things YOU find impossible to do when pregnant? Tell me in the comment box below so we can be in good company.


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