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Where to Buy a Macrame Hanging Crib

Have you guys seen this amazing macrame hanging crib yet?

In terms of all things made with macrame — which I love, being on a total boho/hippie decorating kick right now — the macrame baby swings and hanging cribs are absolutely brilliant in my opinion. They’re cute, look well-made and durable, and they are so sweet for the nursery!

What do you think of the hanging cribs or macrame swings? My hesitation: how does it hang? Does it hold enough support? It makes me a little nervous, but they explain everything you need to know and what kind of mattress goes inside it (it’s included!), how to hang it, etc. in the shop. This macrame baby crib is made by Hang A Hammock Collective. Check out the full details below: it’s perfect for a boho baby nursery, or even to hang outside on a covered patio. Can you imagine rocking baby to sleep in this macrame crib with a nice summer breeze? Dreamy. 🙂

Macrame Hanging Crib

One reviewer calls this, “Beyond perfect” which makes me happy to hear. It even comes with the mattress, which was supposedly even thicker and nicer in person than they thought it would be (another bonus!) As a mom, you want your baby to be comfy and cozy, safe, and happy. and it sounds like this macrame hanging crib is a dream come true.

buy here

It makes a great alternative to a traditional crib or bassinet. It seems like such a cozy place to take a nap. Where’s the macrame crib in my size?! Oh, wait, that’s right, it’s called a hammock. 😉

Buy a hanging macrame crib here

If you like this crib and want to buy one of your own, shop here or here!

P.S. If you’re curious about the macrame swing, which is also a creative idea, check it out here. Here’s a photo of what it looks like:

Hope it helps as you plan baby’s nursery!

Happy Nesting!


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