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5 Tips for New Moms Feeling Tired

by Emma

If you recently had a baby, you are probably experiencing exhaustion unlike anything you’ve ever known before.

You’re tired as a mother. Am I right?

But there are some helpful ways to feel more rested, so I’m sharing those with you today.

Tips for Tired New Moms

These tips should help if you’re a new mom feeling tired and unable to get any sort of relief.

new mom feeling tired

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps

I like this one because it is tried-and-true, but admittedly not always the easiest.

When the baby sleeps, take the cue that it is time for you to rest.

Put him or her in their crib or bassinet. Then, sleep in your bed (if the bassinet is in your room like mine is) or set up a monitor so you will wake up when they do. You can always make a comfy spot on the floor of their nursery as I’ve done.

This sleeping when the baby sleeps thing is great for your firstborn but I will admit is tricky when you have more than one child.

I have yet to listen to my own advice here, as when I had my first I spent any time when he was sleeping doing household chores or watching Netflix or reading.

Sometimes, it is just the feeling of taking a break that is enough to get your energy levels back up a little bit.

If you have more than one child, this probably isn’t an option but I’m including it in this list anyway. 🙂

2. Take turns with nighttime feedings

One person shouldn’t be a zombie for months on end, so take turns during nighttime feedings, if you are able to with formula or by pumping and having a bottle pre-made.

Andrew and I alternate: I will do the first feeding, then he wakes up for the next one. This gives us each a few restful hours vs. having one person waking up every single time.

3. Change up your sleep hours

Sometimes, when I am really tired, Andrew and I do a sleep schedule shift. Instead of staying up a bit to hang out or watch TV, I’ll head to bed early when the other kids are sleeping around 9pm.

He will stay up with the baby in the living room and I get a headstart on sleep for the night. From 9pm until the first feeding, I’m getting quality z’s that really help my exhaustion.

It is amazing how just a few extra hours of sleep early in the night can really make you feel more rested as a new mom.

A friend of mine does a shift schedule where she gets up with the baby from 9pm to 2am; then, her husband gets up with the baby from 2am until 7am. This is a five hour stretch each, so you are guaranteed five solid hours of sleep each night.

4. Ask for help

Can someone watch the baby and/or other kids for you?

It is not crazy to ask for help, if available, to take a nap. If someone can help you for a few hours, take them up on it.

This includes asking your partner to give you a break. It is good to speak up if we need it.

So, when I ask Andrew to give me a break and take all the kids so I can sleep for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon — who are we kidding? He is the one who suggests it because I’m awful at asking for help! — I take him up on it.

He knows how much better I will feel if I can “catch up” on sleep just a bit.

5. Take a shower

This one is an easy way to fake less sleep: take a shower!

A hot shower can do wonders for making you feel “alive” again.

Sometimes if I am tired and feel all kinds of exhaustion, I take a nice shower and it wakes me up. Plus, that dry shampoo can’t keep doing its thing for days on end. Ha!


And remember, that sleeplessness does eventually come to an end and your baby will sleep through the night. So, hang in there and acknowledge this exhaustion, as all things, will eventually pass. 🙂

If you have more than one child, it is a little trickier trying to sleep when you’re a tired new mom, simply because you have another child who needs you.

When I had my second son, my first just turned 2 years old. Coordinating sleep and nap schedules to happen at the same time was tricky but can be done.

It is really just crazy for the first few months and then things start to become more routine, so hang in there.

Learn to go easy on yourself. It isn’t always the simplest thing, but when you’re tired you also don’t need to beat yourself up.

Do you have any sleep tips to share?



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