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8 Must-Have Newborn Baby Essentials on Amazon

by Emma

My 2 month-old is my third child, so let’s just say that I’ve had my share of ‘add to cart’ moments on Amazon when it comes to newborn baby essentials. 🙂

From pregnancy to awaiting his arrival and nesting like a bird, there are many thoughts that pop into your head. The waiting is the hardest part, as they say!

What kind of diapers should I use?

Should I stock up on wipes?

What about bottles? What kind of bottles should I pick?

Most of these things you pick out oh-so-carefully for your baby registry, led by reviews of said newborn baby essentials on Amazon.

In regards to the questions above, those things aren’t on my official list below because I wanted to dig deeper. You already know you need diapers and bottles; my list of newborn baby essentials Amazon has to offer includes items I love, but didn’t really know I needed until found by accident or referred by a friend.

But to quickly tick off the list above:

Diapers: Diapers are tough to recommend, since everyone has their own preference. You’ll probably just try one type and, if it works, stick with it. I use generic from Meijer or Target, but I know plenty of people who use name brand because they like them better.

I’ve tried many brands over the years and determined the generic are just fine for us. Mostly, what diapers you use depends on what your kids’ skin tolerates, and some people have to use a particular brand because of how they fit (those chunky thighs are sometimes too tight in other brands!) or if skin is very sensitive to diaper rash.

The Up & Up diapers from Target or the Meijer brand work just fine for us.

Wipes: Yes, you should stock up. We use these and you can get it with a Subscribe & Save, so they arrive on your doorstep and you forgot about them, but really needed a new delivery! They are gentle, have no scent, and work great for diaper changes, wiping hands, faces, everything.

Bottles: I use these bottles, but you may prefer something else, so I’m omitting it from this list. I like glass bottles. If you’re breastfeeding, you might not need bottles unless you’re planning to pump. And then if you’re pumping, you’ll want a bottle that works with your pump. These bottles work great for me and the Avent worked with my pump, so that’s why I kept with the same brand.

If you are making your baby registry (it’s free, and you can add anything to it!) and you need some tried-and-true suggestions, check out these favorite items I’ve ordered, used, and thoroughly enjoyed myself, all from Amazon.

Now that you know where to get the basics, let’s talk about the fun, not-always-known newborn baby essentials I swear by, all from Amazon! I always gift some of these to my pregnant friends! I think giving a gift that you use and enjoy yourself is pretty much the best endorsement you can give.

Let’s get started!

Newborn Baby Essentials Amazon Has To Offer

1. Bassinet

This time around, I bought a bassinet. We are in a different house for the third baby, so it worked better for us this time to have a bassinet in our bedroom instead of running up and down the stairs. Plus, I didn’t want the other kids waking up during nighttime feedings: I can handle being tired, but ALL of us not sleeping? I think not. 😉

This bassinet is a DREAM. It is affordable, easy to clean, offers storage in the basket underneath, wheels for moving from room to room, and and has a hooded portion, great for if I take it outside and block the sun OR there’s also a mosquito-like netting hood that is great for outdoors to keep bugs away.

This is such a useful purchase. If you’re thinking about buying anything from this list of newborn baby essentials on Amazon, make it this one. I love it!

newborn baby essentials amazon

newborn baby essentials amazon
buy here

It works with any standard bassinet sheets. I use these, but you can use any kind you like best. My baby even loves to sleep in it all night long and does pretty well sleep-wise, leading me to believe the mattress is comfy. Get it here: at time of publication, it’s on sale for under $50 for a limited time. Mine cost over $60.

2. Baby Lotion

Dry skin? Eczema? Fresh out of the bath and just want a nice lotion for your baby with a great scent? This one is it! By Cetaphil.

newborn baby essentials amazon
buy here

3. Diaper Cream

If you’ve tried other diaper rash creams and you’re disappointed, it’s probably because you’re not using Butt Paste. Funny name, but it works. By Bourdreaux’s. It’s the only diaper rash cream I buy and it is one of the best newborn baby essentials Amazon sells. Get it.

newborn baby essentials amazon
buy here

4. Light Up Musical Baby Toy

Ah, the Gloworm® from Playskool. It’s a baby must-have.

However, I do not put it in the crib with the newborn, but at his feet, or next to him on another table (because I’m freaked out about babies too close to anything, blankets, stuffed animals, toys, etc.) When they get bigger, though, they LOVE to reach for this thing and feel comforted with it next to them while they sleep.

newborn baby essentials amazon
buy here

I also swear by the seahorse version, which I’ve gifted to many friends. Either way you go, THIS THING IS AWESOME.

It plays music and lights up. It is beloved by babies and kids, and this one has been in our fam for almost 8 years now. Kid to kid, they love this toy.

The music is sweet, but also makes me happy and sad, ha! When I hear the tunes, I am reminded of so many nights and days of tending to all of my little ones. Let’s say this is one of those keepsakes you’ll save in your drawer when the kids are grown and it will be bittersweet to listen to, but I’ll never rid of this thing.

The music is soft and soothing and I swear it helped my babies sleep better. Plus, when they wake up in the middle of the night, they can push the button and the music starts over.

And when the music is over, it gently turns off and the light on the face softly goes dark.

It’s like a nightlight and lullaby music player in one.

It’s the best toy you’ll buy. You can get it here.

5. Baby Monitor

You need a baby monitor, but do you really need a video monitor? I’m not sure, but we SWEAR by this audio baby monitor that is still going strong, 8+ years after we purchased it. I love how basic and simple it is. You can bring it traveling and it requires no wifi or internet; it has lasted an amazingly long time and still works great.

They are both corded, but you can put batteries in the parent monitor so you can put it in your pocket and go anywhere in the house. It’s amazing.

newborn baby essentials amazon
buy here

6. Pacifier Toy

I love these pacifiers, named Wubbanubs. We have a handful of them, but the lion is my favorite. You can get it here. It is part toy and part pacifier, great for little hands to hold and this is my FIRST baby out of three that takes a pacifier. So, now he has all of ours from over the years: the lion, the frog, the lamb, and the giraffe. They’re so cute!

buy here

As you can see, ours is very much used and loved. 🙂

Get it here.

7. Baby Booties

I always love to buy new baby booties, especially when they’re super-soft and fleecy like these from Luvable Friends. I’ve also tried Zutanos like these and love those, but the ones I have are much larger and I’ll be using them when this baby gets bigger.

I wanted him to have a pair for now, so I chose these after reading so many amazing reviews. These are great! They stay on his feet, they’re snuggly, and they stay on. I’m happy!

buy here

8. Cradle Cap Scrubber

And last but not least, a cradle cap brush. I’ll be going more in depth with this thing later, but for now, if you need it, you need it. This is one of the newborn baby must-haves I didn’t discover until recently. It is by Safety1st.

Cradle cap is a dry skin thing that happens on a baby’s scalp and without this scrubber, it gets out of control! Get it here, it really works, and it’s so cheap yet effective. Use it with coconut oil.

buy here

I hope these newborn essentials are helpful to you! I think all of them ship with 2-day free shipping on Prime. If you don’t have it, try it free for 30 days here.

Which of these products is your favorite? Do you have one to add? Tell us about it below!

Happy Mommin’!



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