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How To Use the Bathroom When You Have a Baby

by Emma

You may have realized by now that it is nearly impossible to use the bathroom as you once did. If you’re wondering how to go to the bathroom with a baby or, in my case right now, a newborn, you’re in good company around here.

It seems the solitude, the silence, and that good ol’ quiet time to use the bathroom before you had a baby no longer exists.

Because when you have to go, ahem, you have to go and you really need a plan in place ahead of time.

As much as you’d like to think it, can you really hold it forever? I don’t think so.

how to use bathroom when you have a baby

So, today I devised a three-step plan. This is exactly how to use the bathroom with a baby in tow or when you’re babysitting, since babies need to be with you 24/7.

Here are three ways to use the bathroom when you have a baby.

1. Don’t.

Just hold it. Eventually, #2 will go away. It gets scared away by baby cries, laundry, and dirty dishes in the sink.

You could hold it for a while, right?

I’m totally kidding, of course. That’s ridiculous. You certainly don’t have to hold it.

But doesn’t it feel like you can’t really go to the bathroom with a baby, amiright?!

2. Place the Baby Somewhere Safe Where You Can Hear Them.

You can place him or her in the crib where they sleep, in a bassinet, etc. where they are safe, free of any blankets or stuffed animals or anything, and just let them chill for a minute.

I sometimes place my baby boy in this bassinet, which is in our bedroom and right outside the bathroom door, so I can hear him.

However, most of the time this isn’t worth it, since he sort of hates being in it unless it’s nighttime.

Another option is a changing table, if you have one — with the belt on of course, ’cause babies are real movers.

Bonus tip: if you put on a ceiling fan, it MAY give you an extra 2 minutes or so, but that’s no guarantee.

The pros here: your baby is safe and sound. You can go to the bathroom in peace.

The cons here: your baby will immediately sense you just took a minute alone and start crying, screaming, or making sounds to get your attention because babies are amazingly smart and they know you just needed one minute in the bathroom to do your business and they’re like, wyd?

Another con with this option: you will start to hear the baby making sounds, even if they aren’t, because the entire time in the bathroom you’ll be thinking, wait, did I hear something? Nope.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a new level of your imagination that appears after you have a baby.

I call it phantom baby sounds. You can call it whatever you want. That sound is heightened even louder when you take a shower (what, you wanted 15 minutes to yourself? Are you insane?!) and you can barely rinse the shampoo fast enough.

3. Bring the Baby Into the Bathroom With You.

This is a preferred option and quite possibly the best solution to use the bathroom when you have a baby.

I’m the kind of person who can’t even focus when I keep thinking I am hearing them outside of the bathroom, so it’s much easier if I can just see them right there. You can bring in a baby bouncer (I use this, it’s pretty much a godsend in many instances) or a towel for your baby to lay on and this pillow for his head and we’re good. This option only works if your bathroom is large enough so they have their own chill zone right by you.

And you know what? There’s a lot of stuff to look around at in the bathroom, so babies tend to be pretty chill. Lights? Tile? This color paint?! You really chose this theme, sailboats, huh mom? There’s a lot going on.


Obviously, you can hand the baby off to your partner to relieve you so you can, um, relieve yourself. But you already knew that. This article is mostly about how to go to the bathroom with a baby when you’re solo and just need a minute.

And you can, ya know, text someone if you run out of TP.

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Will You Ever Use the Bathroom Again? Or… Shower?

Now, if you want to take a shower, that’s a whole new can of worms.

The answer to showering? It’ll get pretty infrequent, so get used to it.

Ha! I say that 100% kidding of course. When I had my first child, I was annoyed at how many people (on message boards online mostly, those are the worst imo) would say things like, “oh, you’ll never shower, sleep, or have a moment’s peace again“.

Then they laugh and laugh and laugh.

Um, total buzzkill, thanks so much.

The thing is, you do shower and sleep and have a moment’s peace again. This I promise you. I wouldn’t lie here, I have nothing to gain by telling you little deceptions.

I am deep here in the trenches of babyhood just like you and man, I’m holding my hand out for you. Grab it if you need it, but you so got this.

The truth is… at the beginning, sometimes showers become less frequent because you’re so tired and at the end of the night, you have to pick between a shower or an extra 15 minutes of sleep, and honestly, that sleep sounds pretty good right about now.

I hope this helps as you navigate the wacky world of trying to use the bathroom with a baby at home.

Eventually, your bathroom will become your own sanctuary again, promise. As long as your husband doesn’t steal it first. 🙂

Now, going to the bathroom with a toddler? Hang on, that requires an entirely different blog post. We’ll get there!

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Now, on to you:

…. What would YOU add to the list?

Did you find any bathroom tricks that help when you have a baby, or maybe a fun toy that entertains them for 5 minutes while they’re hanging out in their crib? My suggestion is this, but it’s usually for nighttime so I’m sure he’d be on to me if I tried to use it for a quick bathroom break.

Share below, please! Other moms are counting on you! 😉



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