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The Most Adorable Personalized Baby Blankets from A to Z

by Emma

Wondering where to buy personalized baby blankets? Looking for baby blankets with name and birth date on it? Or maybe you have something more specific in mind, like baby blankets with dogs on them, or elephants on them, or baby blankets with embroidered names?

Today we’re sharing our favorite places where to buy personalized baby blankets and what kind you’ll want to be on the lookout for if you’re expecting a little bundle yourself (or know someone who is!) From A to Z — or, specifically, animals to zoo — we found all the best baby blankets for every nursery and style.


by emmiebel studio

Where to Buy Personalized Baby Blankets

Okay, let’s start with A: animals! We end with Z at the bottom, so be sure to read through and see the entire alphabet of the cutest baby blankets for every style.

Baby Blankets with Animals

This blanket is personalized with your baby’s name and features safari animals on it. Cuuuuute! By Danazyne.

by danazyne

Animal Head Baby Blanket

A baby blanket with animal head is one of the big trends, and I thought, huh?! But now I get it! This cute baby blanket with animal head is a cozy security blanket and animal toy in one. Other animals available, shown here in fox. By HarborCityThreads.

by harbor city threads

This is another example: it is a small toy but has a minky blanket material, is personalized with your baby’s name, and features an animal head (this example shows a moose!)

by 406baby

Baby Blanket with Bumps

These raised bumps covered in a soft minky fabric is cozy on baby’s skin and fun to touch and grab on to as they get bigger. If you’re looking for this style, we found BurtonBabyDesign has some of the best baby blanket with bumps styles on the web! This floral design is gorgeous. Other styles to match any nursery available in the shop.

by burton baby design

P.S. Yes, you can get personalized baby blankets with name on it, too, here.

Baby Blanket with Cows

These adorable cows are a sweet barnyard blanket for babies! By DwellDarling.

by dwelldarling

Another popular choice? Baby blankets with cats! As a cat lover myself, I support this. I’ve seen in their shop, too, there are many cats using (or shall I say stealing) these blankets for themselves.

by dwell darling

Or this sweet mini blanket toy! It has cat crinkle paper. So cute. By DwellDarling.

by dwelldarling

This style is also darling by TinyHandBabyBlanket.

by tinyhandbabyblanket

D is for…

Baby Blankets with Dogs

This unisex baby blanket is ADORABLE! It features all kinds of sweet pups. By BabiesAndLemonade.

by babiesandlemonade

Or how about this small weiner dog blanket? Sweet! By IvieBaby.

by iviebaby

Or… dinosaurs! By Emmiebel Studio.

by emmiebelstudio

And… deer! From the same adorable shop.

by emmiebelstudio

Baby Blanket with Elephants

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing with baby blankets this year is elephants on them! It must be one of the top nursery decoration items. Here is an example of a baby blanket with soft minky material and a sweet elephant print:

by fawn haven baby

by fawn haven baby

Prefer a different style? Here’s a cute elephant baby blanket with “never forget how loved you are”. Awwww. By StarlineBoutique.

by starlineboutique

And for one more option, check out this darling baby blanket with elephants and bumps on it! It can be personalized with your baby’s name. By MinkyMadness.

by minkymadness

Baby Blankets with Fringe

Boho mama? Get your babe a cute baby blanket with fringe on it! This sweet one is by BellaRoseEmbroidery and is a personalized baby blanket, too.

by bella rose embroidery

This stylish baby blanket with fringe by MyCallieGirl is another cute option!

by mycalliegirl

These cute pacifier blankets are a nice gift, too, with fringe! By BixbyBabyCompany.

by bixbybabycompany

by bixbybabycompany

Do you know what else I love? Baby blanket with… fawn print! This one is by EmmiebelStudio.

by emmiebel studio

Baby Blanket with Fox

These cute woodland animals feature a fox, another huge trend for baby blankets this year! By TwoBeesBabyBoutique.

by two bees baby boutique

Want just a fox, no other woodland animals? You’ve got it! This baby blanket with fox features baby’s name in the middle and has a quilted layer. By OutOfCharacterQuilts.

by outofcharacterquilts

G is for…

Baby Blankets with Giraffes

Giraffes! Cute for baby nurseries, like these giraffe baby blankets by BlaineyBabyCo. These are bamboo!

by blainey baby co.

For snuggly softness, here’s another option: a giraffe print blanket by SouthernSewnDesigns.

by southernsewndesigns

I’m also going to add g is for GOATS! How cute are these baby blankets with goats on them?! By ToysforSweetBaby.

by toysforsweetbaby

And these, with goats and farm animals! By BabyForeverYoung.

by baby forever young

Baby Blanket with Horses

This adorable baby blanket features horses in a variety of colors and styles. So sweet. By IvieBaby.

by iviebaby

Also loving this hand-painted personalized baby blanket with horses. By CocaandB.

by cocaandb

You know what else is cute for H? Baby blankets with hedgehogs on them. 🙂 By Emmiebel Studio.

by emmiebel studio

Baby Blanket with Initials

Personalize baby’s blanket with his or her initial or initials! This monogram baby blanket is knit and looks super sweet! Great for babies and toddlers. By ShopModernMonograms.

by shop modern monograms

Or this sweet swaddle baby blanket with initial (by Inkbabies):

by here

J is for…

Baby BLankets with Jets

Oooh, airplane themed nurseries are so cute! This jet baby blanket is by Babyboos.

by babyboos

Here’s another example of a baby blanket with airplanes on it by TwoBeesBabyBoutique.

by two bees baby boutique

Baby Blanket with Kittens

Um, kittens wearing glasses?! Is there anything sweeter on a baby blanket? This is by IvieBaby and I want a full-size one for me! Ha!

by ivie baby

L is for…

Baby Blanket with Lions

OMG, I actually yelled to Andrew and made him come look at how cute these are! Baby blankets with lions… um, adorable. I want all of these! By TinyAlpacaUK.

by tinyalpacauk

These by BurtonBabyDesign are a great find, too:

by burton baby design

Or these baby blankets with lions and tags by BasalBabe:

by basalbabe

And for… lambs! This lovely crochet baby blanket with lambs is by MyFancyKnit.

by my fancy knit

L is also for lemons! These baby blankets with lemons by EmmiebelStudio are cute!

by emmiebel studio

And this lemon baby blanket toy with crinkle paper by CutiePatootieShop.

by cutiepatootieshop

Baby Blankets with Monkeys on Them

Okay, M is for… Monkey! And these monkey toys are adorable. By Pepe and Tito.

by pepe and tito

And who doesn’t love sock monkeys?! This is a sweet blanket for babies with a fun monkey print. By Baby Starters Store.

by babystartersstore

Baby Blanket with Name and Date

This fleece blanket is super sweet! It is a personalized baby blanket with name and date of baby’s arrival on it and a small pair of feet in pink or blue. By ItsyBitsyWear. Makes a beautiful baby shower gift!

by itsybitsywear

This is a style of blanket small in size to be carried around by baby and toddler; it is super-soft and makes a cozy spot anywhere! This style is a soft minky material shown in grey with white. By JJCuties.

by jjcuties

This adorable minky blanket (minky = super soft material!) will keep your little bub warm. It features a bear design here, but there are other colors and styles to choose from in the shop. By LilyBeanGiggles.

by lilybeangiggles

I never saw an owl anything I didn’t love, so…. O is for… Owls!

Baby Blanket with Owls

This is the cuuuuutest owl baby blanket I’ve ever seen. By TinyWhineyShop.

by tiny whiney shop

Personalized Baby Blankets

(See Names in this list.)


Q is for quilt, and these are the best baby quilts we’ve ever seen! By WildKardVintage.

by wild kard vintage

Baby Blankets with Rainbows

Rainbow baby blankets with unicorns? Sign me up! These are so pretty. By Emmiebel Studio.

by emmiebelstudio

R is also for… Roses! Here’s another blanket from the same shop.

by emmiebelstudio

Or how about rabbits AND roses? By CountryCuttins.

by countrycuttins

Okay, and these bunnies?! I want ALL OF THEM! By TinyAlpacaUK.

by tinyalpacauk

Baby Blanket with Stars

Ooh, starry skies? I love them! These constellation baby blankets by Emmiebel Studio are dreamy!

by emmiebel studio

S is also for satin edges. I love baby blankets with satin on one side, they’re so soft and silky! These are handmade with love by RuthieandSage.

by ruthie and sage

by ruthie and sage

Baby Blankets with Tags

Tag blankets are so much fun for babies to hold onto! These baby blankets with tags are by BasalBabe.

by basalbabe

by basalbabe

U is for… unicorns!

Baby Blankets with Unicorns

By MinaLaneMade.

by mina lane made

Baby Blankets with Violets

This pretty purple blanket features a soft minky fabric! I love this style! By Emmiebel Studio.

via here

V is also popular for baby blankets with verse! These are by DwellDarling:

by dwell darling

by dwell darling

by xmwealthy

X is for…

eXtra Cozy Baby Blankets

These large extra cozy blankets look so snuggly and soft! By XMWealthy.

Baby Blanket Yarn Chunky

Y is for Yarn blankets, the chunky kind! So snuggly! By EonLuxeSolutions.

And last but not least… Z is for…

Baby Blanket with Zoo Animals

Z is for… zoo animals! This darling cozy baby blanket features sweet zoo animals on it. By SewingDreamsNotions.

by sewingdreamsnotions

Also loving this style by TinyHandBabyBlanket.

by tinyhandbabyblanket

We hope you enjoyed all of these personalized baby blankets! Wondering where to buy baby blankets shown here? Simply click on the image or link underneath it to purchase yours / find out more details.

What do you think of these personalized baby blankets? Which one is your favorite?

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