8 Baby Shoes on Etsy That Make the Best Gifts Ever

adorable baby shoes

by little by kmd

Is there a baby accessory out there cuter than teeny-tiny little shoes? Buying baby shoes or crib shoes is my favorite — and they make a great gift for baby shower gifts. Baby socks are cute, too, but I have a love/hate relationship with them. When I buy a new bunch, I’m in heaven: they’re brand new, have bright patterns, and they’re all matched together. I wash them and then… chaos (here’s proof!) They’re just so small! And Andrew loves to peel off his socks. One is in the diaper bag; the other in the laundry basket. Another behind the couch; one under the car seat. I mean, honestly, those things never stay together.

So, while I was exploring the world of baby cuteness today, I spotted these handmade baby shoes from Little by Kellie Marie Dunn. There are so many sizes, colors, styles, and details that I know you’ll love. Plus, they’re all handmade. So, if you need a baby shower gift that’s too cool for any registry, here’s one for the record books!

Comfy Onesie with Removable Bow Tie

Hi, lovelies! Emma here. Do you want your little guy to look all dressed up — but still be comfy, too? I know… with my little toddler, he’s all over the place and the last thing he wants is an uncomfortable bow tie getting in the way of playtime. Wearing a traditional bow tie isn’t very comfortable, which is where these onesies come in! Your boy will be comfy in this cotton onesie, felt suspenders, and bow tie that attaches with a simple snap. All done! I spotted these onesies over at Bohemian Babies. (P.S. There are tons of color combos to choose from… and your onesie is custom-made just for you.)

Bow Tie Onesies

Baby Boy Onesie with Removable Tie | photo: live to love photography | onesie: bohemian babies

by bohemian babies, photo: live to love photography

21 #Momfessions of Raising a 17-Month Old Toddler

When you’re raising a toddler, life gets a little more interesting. He’s no longer a baby, so he doesn’t sit still for long; and everything he does from day to day is every-changing, fascinating, and fun. Here are twenty-one of my top #Momfessions this month!

1. I understand the idea of mom jeans.

OK, I get the idea of mom jeans. Do I wear them? No. (At least, I made my husband promise to tell me if I’m ever accidentally rocking a pair.) But seriously, bending, running, rolling, picking up things — those simply aren’t jobs for my old low-risers.

2. I have MY favorite kid books now.

Now I’m the one pushing for another round of Red Fish, Blue Fish while he’s pushing Wacky Wednesday. I like the part where the Zeds only have one hair on their heads. Hey, you start to get into these books after reading them 1000x. He wins, but still. More Zeds, I say!

3. Toddler socks are the bane of my existence.

Baby socks and toddler socks and I just don’t get along. They’re either a) gone missing from my washing machine, b) misplaced in the dryer, or you’re buying a new set and they c) don’t have grippies on the bottom. What’s the deal, Carters? Get with it! We, Mamas with hard floors, depend on those tumble-saving sock grips!

Pregnancy Reveal Cards That Will *Really* Surprise Them

Hey, pregnant mamas: how will you (or did you) tell your favorite people the good news? If you’ve wanted to find the perfect way to really surprise your Mom and Dad and tell them they’ll be grandparents, these pregnancy reveal cards are the answer. Talk about waterworks; I got a little teary just reading these myself imagining how your loved ones would feel to open the wonderful news!

Plus, I love that added touch of the ultrasound photo inside! It’s a beautiful card and it’s hand-crafted by the folks of Written In Detail.

pregnancy reveal card by written in detail

by written in detail

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