3 Mistakes to Avoid When Baby is Sleeping

So, your baby is sleeping after a bout of crying and fussiness, and now you’re wondering how long he or she will stay rested and comfortable. Before you do anything, read this post: it includes three common mistakes parents make that will wake baby. Read on to keep that baby happy + comfortable for that little mid-day or evening snooze…

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3 Oh-So-Cute Organic Baby Leggings

I think I’ve told you before about my love for organic baby leggings. Patterned baby pants are so adorable paired with a white onesie, don’t you think? I spotted these cuties over at Hold You Me. What’s cuter — the woodland print baby leggings, the teepees, or the chevron arrows?

Organic Baby Leggings

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Camping with Baby (+ a Cool Vintage Tent I Found)

This weekend we went camping with baby. He’s three months old and he’s already been camping twice! He is such a little trooper. He is the most fun to travel with in the history of ever (well, tied with his dad). We went up north in Michigan to Petoskey, Traverse City, and highway M-119, also known as the Tunnel of Trees, which is pretty much a slice of heaven. I actually said to Andrew, “Did something happen to us? Are we in heaven?” And I wasn’t kidding. Never have I ever been in such a magical, ethereal place.

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