9 Perfect Crochet Baby Outfits for Pictures

So, it was a total (happy) accident that I stumbled upon these crochet baby outfits. And then once I did, I had to look through the ENTIRE SHOP and then I couldn’t stop myself from sharing them immediately. If you’re planning on doing newborn photos — you know the kind, those super-sweet, posable baby shots where the baby just sleeps and dreams and smiles — then you’ll definitely want to get one of these crochet baby outfits spotted over at Mama Meg’s Yarn Shoppe. Holy cow, these are so cute.

Crochet Baby Outfits

police baby outfit | 9 Perfect Crochet Baby Outfits for Pictures | http://emmalinebaby.com/clothing/crochet-baby-outfits/

by mama meg’s yarn shoppe, photo: angel porch photography

by mama meg’s yarn shoppe

fireman | 9 Perfect Crochet Baby Outfits for Pictures | http://emmalinebaby.com/clothing/crochet-baby-outfits/

by mama meg’s yarn shoppe

by mama meg’s yarn shoppe – photo (left) – mains photography, right: katie lewin photography

This next one is for twins. And that pink one is a skirt!

by mama meg’s yarn shoppe, photo on right: meredith rowlen photography

There’s a newsboy, a construction worker, a cowboy… oh, so many sweet outfits to choose from.

by mama meg’s yarn shoppe
outfits by mama meg’s yarn shoppe | photos: little man photo by katie leach photo | coccoon photo by jacquelyn mchenry photography | newsboy photo by meredith rowlen photography | cowboy photo by charlotte stringer photography

And that’s not even all of them. See more crochet baby outfits right here.


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Newborn Bear Hat

Oh, my word, this baby is so precious! And this newborn bear hat is so, so adorable!

Newborn Bear Hat

baby bear hat

by phylphil

photo: live loved photography

As a note — if you’re planning to do photos like this with your newborn, you might want to schedule them before the baby arrives. Otherwise, you’ll never find a good day to do it and before you know it they’re no longer so itty-bitty! Sigh, they grow so fast. In other news, though, when they do get big they get to wear cute things like baby jeans (pretty much the cutest thing on the planet) and athletic shorts, which on a little boy like my Andrew is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He looks like he’s running off to play basketball. So cute. I am so happy he is only crawling. :)


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Cute Wooden Teether Baby Toys + State Rattles

Andrew is teething, you guys. Really, really teething. He has many teeth already but he’s getting a few more lowers and poor boy is in distress. He has never really used a pacifier or teether before, but he’s going full force this week. Thank goodness we had so many stashed away!

If your baby is teething (or you’re just preparing for the inevitable), these organic wooden teether baby rattles from Bannor Toys look like a really sweet option! I love how they’re made of natural wood, so you don’t have to worry about hazards of paint or other particles. Plus, they’re designed into really cute shapes, like elephants and foxes to rocket ships and guitars. And for whatever reason, babies love to chew on wood teethers. Andrew has a small wood round teether attached to this toy and he goes nuts for it.

And, P.S., as tough as teething is, when those sweet little pearly whites finally break through, they’re so darn cute! And that toothy grin!

Wooden Teether Baby Rattles

There are regular wood teethers, shaped like animals, airplanes, rocket ships, and guitars…

Wooden Teether Baby Toys | via http://emmalinebaby.com/toys/wooden-teether-baby-rattles/

Wooden Teether Baby Toys| via http://emmalinebaby.com/toys/wooden-teether-baby-rattles/

Airplane | Wooden Teether Baby Rattles | via http://emmalinebaby.com/toys/wooden-teether-baby-rattles/

There’s even a camera, you guys. How cute is that?

camera wooden teether

And then there are these wooden teether baby rattles, shaped like states… shout-out to Michigan

michigan baby rattle

… and Ohio! …

ohio baby rattle

… and Texas, and California, and West Virginia… and everyone else!

There are also cute animal shaped rattles, with your child’s name stamped into it.


Cute! Makes a great baby shower gift.

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You can see all of these wonderful toys (+ more!) right here.


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