Why Every Toddler Needs a Snack Catcher

The snack catcher is right up there as one of my favorite toddler products ever. Once Andrew started eating solid foods, Cheerios became a staple around our house. I received pair of snack catchers at my baby shower and I’m so glad I did — they’re extremely handy. As any mom with a toddler knows, once they start eating food themselves they don’t really want you to feed it to them anymore. They want to do it themselves, and these snack catchers enable your newly independent babe to snack on his or her own. And without a huge mess, unlike regular containers that tend to throw cereal EVERYWHERE when you open them up. I should know, I’ve eaten like, eight thousand Cheerios to date, just to clean them up.

Here’s what the snack catcher looks like:

snack catcher

This product is awesome because it allows your toddler to hold it themselves with the handle, grab snacks from the catcher, and eat happily, without making a mess. Your car! Your kitchen! Your high chair! The church pew! Finally, a mess-free zone. The snack catcher holds 9 oz. of dry snacks, it has a protective bottom so it won’t scratch tabletops or surfaces underneath, and there’s a flip top attached which keeps your snacks fresh. You can fill it with dry cereal, animal crackers, baby cookies, or other grab-and-go foods. We bring ours everywhere in the diaper bag, whether it’s during Church when I’m sneaking a few Cheerios in his little hand, or at the park when he gets hungry, or even in the car and he can hold it in his car seat by himself. Ah, I just love this thing!

Anyway, they come in a bunch of colors and you can pick up yours anywhere they sell baby products, like Target or on Amazon (it’s really cheap here for a set of two).

Happy Snacking!


Stylish Diaper Bags You’ll Actually *Want* to Carry

Even before I was pregnant, what I carry with me at any given time is pretty minimal. A wallet. A phone. Keys. I would occasionally carry them all in a small purse, but I always tried to get away with carrying nothing. I don’t know, I’m really not the norm, I know. But to me, less is more, and if I can get away with just slipping a wallet in my pocket, I’m good. I keep lipstick in my car for this very reason.

And then Baby Andrew arrived, and it was clear this tiny little baby required SO MANY THINGS at any given time! And now I carry the equivalent to ten pounds worth of diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, toys, clothes, sunblock… you name it. I’m now that mom who has a granola bar or juice box at the ready.

Now, when I registered for a diaper bag, I chose one that was fairly neutral and modern. I looked for stylish diaper bags. And I wanted something that wasn’t too huge. I also wanted one that wasn’t overly girly, since I knew Andrew would inevitably need to carry it once in awhile. And while he’s totally masculine enough to handle any bag I hand him, he shouldn’t have to. Plus, I totally fell in love with this bag anyway.

Now, I love my diaper bag, but these chic diaper bags over at IKA Bags look pretty amazing. I’m glad someone finally came out with stylish diaper bags someone will actually want to carry! You know, one that looks less like diaper bag coming through and more like a chic, casual bag for weekend-ing. And these bags are waterproof with a ton of storage inside for the essentials — diapers, wipes, a pacifier — you name it. Plus, can we agree that they’re way cuter than most of the bags you’ll find in store? It’s true.

Stylish Diaper Bags

Here’s the diaper bags we spotted from their collection. There is only one problem: deciding which chic bag to pick!

by ika bags

Grey - This is actually a diaper bag! - Stylish Diaper Bags | http://emmalinebaby.com/baby-products-gear/stylish-diaper-bags/

by ika bags

Red - This is actually a diaper bag! - Stylish Diaper Bags | http://emmalinebaby.com/baby-products-gear/stylish-diaper-bags/

by ika bags

by ika bags

Striped Bag - This is actually a diaper bag! - Stylish Diaper Bags | http://emmalinebaby.com/baby-products-gear/stylish-diaper-bags/

by ika bags

And if pink is your thing, you’ll love this beauty:

Pink - This is actually a diaper bag! - Stylish Diaper Bags | http://emmalinebaby.com/baby-products-gear/stylish-diaper-bags/

by ika bags

You can find out more right here.


5 Reasons Why Phil and Teds High Chair is a Great Buy

When Andrew & I completed our baby registry, we had no idea what kind of high chair to choose — and at one point, we couldn’t even find one that we liked. They were too bulky, too big, too narrow, or looked difficult to clean. We wanted something different… and then we spotted the Phil and Teds high chair. And he loved it. And I did, too. And, hey, success — we found a high chair we loved! But how did it hold up after a year’s time? Today I’m sharing my experience in the hopes that it helps you, too. Enjoy!

Oh, and P.S. this is NOT a sponsored post by Phil and Teds — just one momma’s honest opinion.

Phil and Teds High Chair

First, here’s what the high chair looks like. We even have it in this color — lime green. They have blue, red, or lime green, and the green was definitely the most colorful and an excellent neutral for a boy or girl.

phil and teds high chair

by phil & teds

We Love It — and Here’s Why

1. It’s safe.

Safety is always a priority. This seat has a five point harness system and is ultra-sturdy.

2. It’s so easy to clean.

The soft + comfy aerocore seat is hypo allergenic, waterproof, and wipes clean with no seams. It’s even dishwasher safe. Oh, and food has barely anywhere to go, so you don’t have to worry about crumbs getting hidden in crevices. When it’s clean — it’s clean.

3. Baby Andrew loves it.

When your baby (and now, toddler) doesn’t mind sitting in his high chair, you’re a happy momma. It’s usually us who initiate taking him out of the chair, instead of the other way around, which is nice. I sometimes set him in the chair when I’m cooking dinner so I can keep him in one place, happy as can be playing with a toy. I recommend getting one of these, too, so you can keep toys from falling to the floor, which, guaranteed, is going to happen 100000x times.

4. It is attractive.

I love the way it looks! It’s way more modern than other styles I’ve seen.

5. It converts to a toddler chair.

This high chair grows with your child and turns into a ‘my’ chair when they’re a bit older.

phil and teds high chair turns into a toddler chair

by phil & teds

I wanted to add that the price is reasonable, too — under $150.

You can find out more about the Phil and Teds high chair here.

Tell us…

Have you picked out a high chair yet? If so, what kind are you selecting?