Fox Baby Leggings

I love fox everything for babies. It roots back to last year when planning my sister’s baby shower and she loved a woodland theme. Everywhere was fox this, orange that. And I still think of her when I see fox things! Like these fox baby leggings.

hipster fox baby leggings

They’re also soft. Well it says they’re soft. I mean, I haven’t exactly worn them myself. They are, however, organic and brightly-colored. And unlike anything you’ll find in stores.

Fox Baby Leggings

I spotted these leggings at Baby Dear where you’ll find a slew of other baby leggings!

P.S. You know what I just realized? Babies are the only ones on the planet who can get away with wearing leggings as pants. I just realized that. It’s cause babies can do no wrong, you see.


What Should Baby Wear to Bed?

So, you want to dress your baby for bedtime, but you’re wondering what he or she should wear to bed, am I right? And you’re probably thinking, will they be warm enough? Too hot? Will they kick their socks off? Can I use a swaddle? Why shouldn’t I use a blanket?

What Should Baby Wear to Bed?

If you’re wondering these questions, you’re pretty much asking the same thing that all new parents wonder: what should baby wear to bed? Since blankets are a suffocation hazard, you won’t want to have any loose blankets in the crib at any time. Instead, you’ll want to put baby in a sleep sack.

What is a sleep sack?

A sleep sack is a wearable blanket that zips down the middle and is like a sleeping bag for your baby. Instead of a blanket, your baby is immersed in a warm, cozy contained outfit that has no sleeves (which means he or she won’t overheat). It zips right down the middle, which is brilliant for two reasons: 1) the zipper portion ends up near the feet, so it won’t bother baby while he or she is slumbering, and 2) it makes diaper changes a breeze.

It looks like this:

sleepsack blue via what should baby wear to bed

And I have the cream one, which looks like this (and way less pink-y in person):

cream sleep sack via what should baby wear to bed

What kind to buy?

Sleep sacks are available in cotton or fleece. I’ve tried both: cotton is perfect for lightweight comfort in spring or summer, while the microfleece is best for cool fall nights and winter. They also have a winter weight version for chillier nights, but I haven’t tried it personally.

Do they run big? Small?

They actually run HUGE. But I go with the sizing they recommend anyway because he can grow into it. Plus, I wouldn’t want to wear a sleeping bag that was tight around my body, without a little give for kicking or moving around freely… would you?

Where to Get It

As with many products, I buy on Amazon because I can see reviews before I buy. Recently I purchased this for the winter since Andrew just grew out of his other sleep sack. As a tip, I ordered in color cream instead of blue; this way, it is gender neutral if we have another baby someday down the line! I know babies probably don’t care if they are wearing a pink or blue sleep sack, but still. I care. :)

I should also note that I received a sleep sack from the hospital where I delivered, and I’m not sure if that is standard protocol everywhere but it was a nice bonus! Sleep sacks tend to run around $25-30 each at Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us, but I found them on Amazon for around $15-20. That’s a nice little savings right there.

Anyways. Hope it helps!


Best Baby Toy Under $5 You’ll Ever Buy

Would you like to know the secret to getting through grocery stores, malls, long walks, and other stroller-ridden activities with ease? Want to know the best baby toy under five dollars?

It’s this little guy. The owl puppet from Ikea.

owl puppet ikea

More specifically, the VANDRING UGGLA from Ikea, if you want to get technical. But seriously. This owl, you guys.

Why is this owl so awesome?

It’s a soft, lightweight toy that’s safe enough for babies. Baby Andrew loves to snuggle with his.

Why do YOU love it?

It makes me an instant puppeteer, even though I’m not that good with WHOOOO WHOOOO sounds. And I put this baby on my hand and Andrew is all, OMG THE OWL. He loves this thing. Not sure why, but it gets a smile EVERY TIME it’s tried.

It’s Portable.

It’s a portable puppet show. Which means you put it on your hand and you can fly it around and it looks so real! Which means we do things like this when we’re at the grocery store and Andrew laughs with glee! And excitement! And you can have one hang operating the puppet while the other, you know, looks at home wares at Target.

Plus, it’s cheap.

Seriously, best $4.99 we ever spent. This one is going into every baby registry gift I give people from now on.

See It In Action

Get the Best Baby Toy Under $5

You have to go to IKEA in store, since they don’t sell it online. :( But here’s the listing info.