9 Things That Prove You’re Supermom

If ever in my life I’ve believed in superhero powers, THE TIME IS NOW. You guys, I’m doing things I never knew I could do… and it came out of nowhere once Baby Andrew was born. There must be some sort of secret Jetpack that came home with me in my diaper bag because, holy cow, Momma’s got a new bag of tricks. Here are 9 reasons why I, and you, and your mother, and your aunt, and your mother’s mother (aka your grandmother) ARE ALL SUPERMOM. And, this is just an abbreviated list — the list is pretty much never-ending, no?

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17 Ways Cats are like Newborn Babies

Baby Andrew did something today that made me laugh. I handed him a new toy, knowing full well it was going right into his mouth before he even took a look at it. It made me laugh because, instinctively, I already knew it was going to happen. I’ve been prepped for many things baby after having two cats for over seven years, and, while I promise I’m not comparing having a cat to having a baby (babies are 100000x more work and 1000000x more interactive), it still can prepare you for some of the responsibilities that comes with being a new mom. They do have the funniest similarities! Let’s begin, shall we?

But first, hilarious cat gifs.

My favorite:

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Baby is Sleeping

So, your baby is sleeping after a bout of crying and fussiness, and now you’re wondering how long he or she will stay rested and comfortable. Before you do anything, read this post: it includes three common mistakes parents make that will wake baby. Read on to keep that baby happy + comfortable for that little mid-day or evening snooze…

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