Why Boppy Makes an Awesome Nursing Pillow (+ Etsy Covers!)

The Boppy is definitely one of the top registry gift items for new moms. But why all the fuss over a pillow? Because it’s awesome, that’s why. When I registered for my baby shower, I chose a Boppy for my nursing pillow. There are a few brands to choose from, but I’ve always seen Boppy at baby showers, so I was already familiar with it. In case you haven’t heard of it, Boppy is a c-shaped nursing pillow, found at any store and online here, and boasts a few awesome uses.

boho boppy cover | boppy nursing pillow via http://emmalinebaby.com

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8 Baby Shoes on Etsy That Make the Best Gifts Ever

Looking for the cutest baby shoes on Etsy? We’ve found eight of them right here! But first, are you subscribed yet?

Baby shoes: is there a baby accessory out there cuter than teeny-tiny little shoes? Buying baby shoes or crib shoes is my favorite — and they make a great gift for baby shower gifts. Baby socks are cute, too, but I have a love/hate relationship with them. When I buy a new bunch, I’m in heaven: they’re brand new, have bright patterns, and they’re all matched together. I wash them and then… chaos (here’s proof!) They’re just so small! And Andrew loves to peel off his socks. He hates wearing them! One is in the diaper bag; the other in the laundry basket. Another behind the couch; one under the car seat. I mean, honestly, those things never stay together.

Baby Moccasins | by Little. | via baby shoes etsy gifts http://emmalinebaby.com/baby/baby-shoes-etsy-gifts/

by little by kmd

So, while I was exploring the world of baby cuteness today, I spotted these handmade baby shoes on Etsy from Little by Kellie Marie Dunn. There are so many sizes, colors, styles, and details that I know you’ll love. Plus, they’re all handmade. So, if you need a baby shower gift that’s too cool for any registry, this is one of the finds you’ll be sure to love.

Baby Shoes on Etsy for Baby Shower Gifts

1. These baby shoes called “Flutterflies”

Flutterflies Baby Moccasins | by Little. | via baby shoes etsy gifts http://emmalinebaby.com/baby/baby-shoes-etsy-gifts/

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These Pattern Paint Rollers on Etsy Are Like Wallpaper, But Better!

Have you ever heard the following: “I’m so glad the previous homeowners used all this fantastic wallpaper! I just love it!”

No? Me either. Wallpaper has to be one of the most annoying home projects ever, whether you’re applying it (why?!) or removing it. I’ve heard of new homeowners moving in to find their easy task of removing wallpaper became a grim discovery of layer — after layer — of wallpaper, just plastered on top of one another. Because, clearly, removing it to re-wallpaper would have been way too much work. ;) No one ever thinks about the struggle of removing it! The struggle is real.

So, when I was oogling the oh-so-beautiful wallpapers over at Anthropologie and silently cursing over how expensive they are, I came to my senses. I realized a) it’s way too expensive, b) I get so tired of patterns way too quickly, and c) NO ONE LIKES APPLYING WALLPAPER! Thus, wallpaper is definitely NOT for me. Sorry, gorgeous peony design, but at $148 a roll, it’s just not in the stars.

And then I found these pattern paint rollers and knew it was something I could fully support and adore. Applying paint on a roll is so much easier to apply than wallpaper, not to mention paint over (instead of remove). Plus, you really can’t beat the price and the pretty designs! And once you buy a roller, you can keep using it — on walls, fabric, throw pillows, paper… anything your little heart desires.

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How to Make DIY Manicures Look Better in 6 Easy Steps

Emma, how do you keep your nails looking so nice all the time?” said no one, ever.

I used to be so lazy with my nails and yet I would wonder why mine never looked any good. Or I would admire other people’s nails and wonder how they had time for it. My nail polish always chipped, and every time I did my nails at home, they looked over-ly DIY’ed. So, along the way I just gave up.

And then, recently, I went with my sister-in-law to a salon to get our nails done. And when I saw my true nail potential, I was proud of them — and I decided to take some time to figure out what the heck I’m always doing wrong. So, after an hour-long pamper & polish sesh (I definitely recommend one), I’ve learned a thing or two thanks to my lovely manicurist, Jenny. Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned in the hopes that you, too, can find a new appreciation for pretty, manicured, at-home nails that actually look good. Plus, I’m sharing my new secret weapon: the $7 beauty splurge that changed my manicure game forever. Enjoy!

best beauty product - longer lasting diy manicures at home