Ruffle Diaper Cover for Newborn

Are you planning to take newborn photos? If so, you might want to get a diaper cover, preferably one that is newborn sized. And while a diaper cover isn’t a mandatory registry item (or anything you will wake up at 3am needing), it can be a really cute photo prop for those first snapshots.

What is a diaper cover for?

There are two reasons to use a diaper cover.

To Hide or Conceal a Diaper’s Print.

It’s pretty straightforward, I know… but a diaper cover is designed to hide the print of the diaper underneath. This is especially helpful if your diapers have prints that are slightly obnoxious, i.e. Elmo or Big Bird, big polka dots, stripes, etc. By the way, in case you’re wondering, Up&Up — the brand made by Target — is the diaper brand we’ve selected in our household. And to be honest, their light blue and green polka dot pattern are less loud than others I have seen. I know it really doesn’t matter, but when the diaper is super absorbent, fits great, AND the pattern isn’t awful, I say that’s a win.

To Be Ridiculously Adorable.

It is. Few things rival a tiny newborn baby with a ruffle diaper cover on his or her bottom. Just sleep, sleep, sleeping away… ah, newborn photos are the greatest. And ruffle diaper covers are even cuter because, ruffles.

ruffle diaper cover newborn

Look at that face! What a doll.

Ah! Red ruffles! And that headband!

Photos above by Elements Photography Studio

Diaper Cover, Newborn Size

You can grab these diaper covers over at All That Ruffle, where we spotted ‘em.


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