7 Most Adorable Baby Moccasins Ever

Love baby moccasins? We do, too! You’ve found seven of the most adorable pairs on this page. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

If you’re looking for the cutest baby moccasins ever seen, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered up the cutest handmade baby moccasins right here, including leather, fabric, moccasins with fringe and beading, and more. Take a look — they’re adorable!

Baby Moccasins

1. Leather Moccs

leather baby moccasins booties
by ullaviggo

2. Leather Moccasins

baby moccasin - iris lane moccasins
by iris lane

3. Gold and Polka Dot Moccasins

baby moccasin - gold confetti moccs
by gold confetti moccs

4. Baby Moccs with Leather and Green Pattern

baby moccasin leather and green - anaame
by anaame

5. Leather Moccasins

leather baby moccasin - leather moon 13
by leather moon

6. Leather Moccasins with Beading

leather baby moccasin - rustic sparrow
by rustic sparrow

7. Leather Baby Moccasins

leather baby moccasin with beading - thunder rose
by thunder rose

Which pair of baby moccasins are your favorite? I love #1!


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Baby Fabric Name Banner for the Nursery

Hi, loves! Happy weekend! :) I loved looking at nursery decor when I was pregnant with Baby Andrew. And though I still love looking at it all (because it’s so darn cute), there are certain things I find that I really, really love. One of them is this baby fabric name banner I spotted over at Merrybell Decor. This banner is personalized, handmade, and oh-so-cute. Here, take a look!

Baby Fabric Name Banner

fabric baby name banner

You can even include cute shapes, like these, to coordinate with your theme:

fabric baby name banner

You can find out more here.


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Baby Top Knot Headbands (+ Bloomers)

Love baby top knot headbands? We’ve found some adorable ones right here! Plus, bloomers, too. Cause you know, bloomers are the cutest. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

If I ever have a baby girl, she will wear plenty of adorable headbands. While the lacy and frilly ones are cute, I’m more a fan of the mod top knot headbands, like these I’m sharing with you today. All you need to do is pair it with a cute onesie and a set of bloomers (aka a diaper cover) and you’re set. These baby top knot headbands were spotted over at Little Maggie Moo.

Baby Top Knot Headbands

Aren’t they so sweet? I want some in my size. The headbands, obviously. ;)

You can see more headbands here.


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